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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in changing the lives of these precious children. They are depending on you to make it in life. Please feel free to contact us should you be led to participate in this noble task.

About Foundation of Mercy Children Centre 

Foundation of Mercy Children Centre was started as a result of the many cases of untimely death of bread winners in the early 90s (Kisii) due to an outbreak of TB, Malaria and other HIV/AIDS related illnesses. This resulted to many boys and girls loosing their parents and going to roam in the streets in search of food and shelter. As a result of this,  a church and an orphanage were established  to provide education, shelter and spiritual nourishment to these precious children.

Our Services

Taking care for the less unfortunate
The Children’s Home is an essential lifeline for all children and families who are in need of help.  Whether it is an emotional or behavioral disorder that needs professional response, a temporary disruption to a family’s ability to provide stability and proper supervision, or a home environment that is simply too dangerous for a child. 

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How You Can Help

Education, Hope for Tomorrow
When you give to The Children's Home, you pave the way for children and families to have a future of hope and promise. When you give, everyone wins…the children…the families…the community! Thank you so much for your support. 
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Ongoing Needs

Help in easing some of our needs
Find Out How To Get Involved

Clothing is needed for both boys and girls. Specific sizes can be provided upon request. Egestas in egestas eu, lacinia id sem. Curabitur condimentum nunc vitae quam tincidunt vehicula. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam molestie mi a nunc porta facilisis. Mauris varius volutpat interdum. In quis congue velit, sit amet.
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We Are Passionate About Our Children

Out there are millions of children throughout the world who have no parents, food, chlothing, or access to medical or emotional care.The majority of these children are dying from malnutrition with no one to take care of them -- they are all alone.

We are not only saving lives, but also giving hope to some of these children. Come help make a difference!

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